Work in Progress for March 2017

My Behance and Deviant Art portfolios are up and running, and obviously, so is the website.  Next up is figure out Fine Art America, Facebook and Instagram.  While March is mostly dedicated to getting my website and portfolio loaded onto the web, there are quite a few other things I am working on right now.

First, I’m starting a new series of bird women.  The work in progress to the right is of the first in line featuring Rainbow Lorikeets.  It’s a 14in by 20in on Arches Hot Press Paper.  I used watercolors for the background and colored pencils for the hair.  So far, the background and the hair are looking pretty snazzy.  For the hair, I experimented with adding in blues and yellows to make the hair have some highlights.  I’m quite pleased.  I’ve just started on the skin, then the dirndl and finally, the birds.

Next up is an other entry into the Rainbow Menagerie.  Its a Spoon Billed Stork in Grass Green, Teal and Lime.  I’m trying a new paper because the Bristol paper really doesn’t like the watercolors and warps.  This new paper is watercolor paper that is really smooth.  I’m able to get more effects and it took a few layers of paint.  I recently acquired some Duochrome paints from the Daniel Smith line and I wanted to see what would happen when they were mixed with salts.  I like it.  I’m pretty sure it will show up in more works.

Lastly, I’m working in Adobe Illustrator to illustrate Poison Dart Frogs.  I’ve already created the base and I just completed a Yellow Banded frog today.  My goal is illustrate as many different types as I can and make a poster out of them.  I’m amazed at the sheer number of little frogs that are hopping around the Amazon.  This project will keep me very busy!

      Work in Progress - Tara Warburton-Schwaber    

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