Twede’s Menu

This student project focuses on Twede’s Diner located in North Bend Washington.  The television series Twin Peaks (1990 and 2017 version) and the spin off movie Fire Walk With Me used Twede’s Diner as the filming location for the Double R Diner.  The menu features a map of the various filming locations in Snoqualmie Valley as well as symbols from the television series. The postcard utilizes the iconic font used in the opening credits.

Plumage Branding

A new logo and brand identity for plumage, a high-end luxury hair extension company. plumage is a student project. The target audience is Women in their 20s to 40s. Focusing on women who are focused on beauty and fashion products. Hair extensions are often not the highest quality of hair and has been processed and vat dyed to custom colors. Hair Extensions come in standard colors, and often do not match hair that is not extremely dark or extremely light. plumage hair extensions are 100% virgin hair and retains the color of the source.

plumage Packaging Mock Up

Wolf Tree Whiskey Bar Branding

Wolf Tree Logo

A student project, Wolf Tree Whiskey Bar is a new establishment in Seattle, Washington and requires a logo and branding to launch. It’s design aesthetic focuses on “logging chic.” It caters to 20-35 year olds and serves a large variety of whiskey and beer on tap. A “wolf tree” is a logging term for a tree with many branches, especially on the lower part. Also known as a “grouse ladder.”

Wolf Tree Coaster Mock Up

Wolf Tree Business Cards

Wolf Tree Menu Design

Wolf Tree Worker's Uniform