Zentangle Stationary – Wedding Extravaganza

I drew this design specifically for my wedding last August. I wanted to put my own stamp on the invitations. This design was used for the Save the Date cards, RSVP cards, and the Thank You cards. Our theme was Enchanted Forest and the colors were bright blue, fuchsia and magenta.   This design is quite dense with the patterns used and I had a ton of fun drawing it.

Zentangle Invitation - Capturing Starlight

This was drawn on Aquabee Manga Paper, inked with Copic Multiliners and colored with Copic Sketch Markers. It’s also posted on my Deviant Art page.


Go Hawks!

If you live in Seattle, you know how we support our Seahawks.  With the Super Bowl fast approaching, the whole area is excited.  From banners to buildings lit with green and blue lights to sky scrapers windows spelling out “12”, you can see how much we love our team.  I originally purchased these shoes to make my own Seattle Seahawks gear, but it turns out, 5 inch heels are just too high for me.  I will fall down.  Spectacularly.  So these are up on etsy!

Custom Made, One of a Kind, Seattle Seahawks 12th Man (Woman) high heel pumps. These pumps are covered in extra fine glitter with the Seahawks logo, team name and ever so important 12th man team number. They feature a patent pleather toe in royal blue, blue glitter body, and lime glitter heels

These shoes are size 7 shoes, and have a 5 inch heel. The glitter has been sealed, so there should be minimal glitter loss.


Capturing Starlight - Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Glitter Pumps Capturing Starlight - Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Glitter Pumps

The Blues, Greens and Yellows Zentangle

When I first drawing this piece, I had a very complex coloring scheme in mind.  I had long ago found this gorgeous photo shopped picture of rainbow grapes.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to trace it back to the source.  But its gorgeous.

Rainbow Grapes

But after I was done drawing this Zentangle, it felt too crowded to mash that much color into it.  So plans changed.  I didn’t want to go completely monochrome, but I thought sticking to half the color wheel would work out nicely.

Capturing Starlight - The Blues, Greens and Yellows Zentangle

I used a bunch of different patterns:

The lines were drawn using Sakura liners and colored with Copic Markers.  I don’t know why the scan came out so fuzzy, that’s disappointing.  But it looks fantastic in person.  I also put it this up on deviant art where its also not fuzzy.   How weird.

If you want to color your own, you can snag the coloring page from etsy.



New coloring page!

Its been quite the hectic few months.  Mostly because my fiancé and I bought a new house.  So with the stress of buying a house, closing on it, painting inside and moving, I haven’t really had time to post this new drawing page.  I actually created it several months ago, but I finally had a moment to sit down and get it uploaded onto etsy.  You can find it here if you would like to color it yourself.

Capturing Starlight - Zentangle Coloring Page

On this drawing I used:

Wow, guess I went a on a binge using zentangles that start with the letter “f”.  How strange!  I used the copic liners on this, and I keep loving those liners.

Phoenix Color Explosion

I drew this several years ago, but it’s still one of my very favorite pieces.  I labored for hours sketching in by pencil, then inking over the lines.  After that, I just started laying down layer after layer with my Prismacolor pencils.  I just love how everything melded together and how saturated the color is.  My only disappointment is I went a little too big on the scale, so it doesn’t fit in a 8×10 mat without covering up some of the drawing.  But if that’s my biggest concern, then I just can’t complain.

Rainbow Phoenix - Capturing Starlight

And while I was scanning this picture, I accidentally hit the copy button and out popped a black and white version.  I quite liked it too.   I like it when accidents produce good results instead of terrible ones.

Black and White Phoenix - Capturing Starlight

Naturally, I just had to post of deviant art as well.  Here’s the colorful version and the black and white version.

Monotone Zentangle

I was scanning through my pinterest page for zentangle patterns and I just got inspired to try some new patterns.  So out came the paper and the markers and then there was a completed drawing.  It had a lot going on, so I thought my usual go to of multiple colors wouldn’t look good.  Monotone it was!  I just the cool grey copics for shadows and the blue-violets for the rest.

Monotone Zentangle - Capturing Starlight

Patterns used:

Add of course, as always, here’s the link to my deviant art page.

Strassing Fun!

I’ve decided that I miss strassing shoes.  Last week I spent some time strassing my cover for my Windows Surface and I just love how it turned out.  I’m going to have to take some pictures.  But in the mean time, I’ve decided to reopen my etsy shop with strassed shoes!  Just as a refresher, here is a quick view of my gallery.

Volcano Strassed ShoesSilk Strassed PumpsCapri and Aquamarine Strassed PumpVolcano Pumps


Groovy Zentangle of Rainbow Mushroom Doom

I’m not really sure if you call this a Zentangle or ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art.)  When I first drew this little mushroom, I was thinking of going the traditional route with a red cap.  But then I wanted to do something Alice and Wonderland-ish, so I was going to try purple and pink.  But when I sat down to color it, it just didn’t work.  So I just went rainbow.  And how can you ever go wrong with rainbow?

Capturing Starlight: Rainbow Zentangle and ZIA Mushroom

Drawn with Sakura and colored with Copic.

Patterns used:

  • Onamato
  • Flux
  • Pokeleaf
  • Tipple

And its DeviantArt page.  And if you want your own to color, it’s on my etsy page!

Swirly Whirly Zentangle

This one started out much differently in my head.   I wanted to go for something kind of woodsy with snails and butterflies and other assorted critters.  But that’s not what the Zentangle told me was going to happen.  And I always listen to what my drawings are trying to tell me!  So instead, this is what I ended up with.  Though, if you noticed, a snail did sneak its way in.

Capturing Starlight: Colored Zentangle

Pattern wise I used:

Drawn with Sakura Micron Pens and colored with Copic Markers.  This is also one of the patterns for coloring that I posted here and it available from my etsy shop.

And last, but not least, the DeviantArt page.


I really wanted to play with the Tipple Pattern and shading.  I stuck with a pretty simple color palate because the pattern itself is pretty busy.

Capturing Starlight: Zentangle

The patterns used:

I’m pretty happy how it turned out.  Next time I do something like this (because the Tipple Pattern is fun) I’ll probably use more colors.  How do you like to use Tipple?

You may have seen this picture before.  I posted the black and white version without shading here. If you want your own to try coloring, you can snag one from my etsy shop.

And here’s the DeviantArt page.